PicTools Crop is a free online tool for cropping images.

  • With Shape we can choose the shape of the cut, the options are Rectangle or Circle.
  • Size of both the rectangle and circle can be modified through Width and Height. In the case of the circle it suffices to modify one of them.
  • To modify the position we can use X and Y, which indicate the coordinates with respect to the upper left edge of the canvas.
  • We can also change the position and size of the cut using the mouse pointer. Holding the mouse down we can move the cut to the desired position. If we move the pointer to the ends of the cut we will see the arrows to modify the size of the same.
  • We can also choose the background color of the cutout with the Background option, which can help us visualize it better, in case the image is very dark or very clear.
  • The image Format is also automatically selected depending on uploaded image. This can be modified between the PNG or JPEG options. We can also change the image Quality from 0.1 (low) to 1 (high).
  • Finally with Crop button we can download the image clipping.
  • All measurements are in pixels (px).
  • Remember to select a PNG format if the shape of the cutout is a circle, otherwise the background will turn black.
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